What is Online Quiz? Why to give one?

By: Admin | Posted on: Mar 22, 2020

Taking an online quiz is one of the most important to-do things for any competitive exam aspirant. Taking from class 5 to any job entrance, most of the exams are online now. Taking online exams regularly not only makes you familiar with the computer exam-taking, but it enhances your subject knowledge also.

Online Quiz

A competitive environment always enhances the spirit of the students and aspirants. It is always good to prepare and follow strategies for taking online quizzes. After you take any online quiz you should know where you stand among your peers. What mistakes you did and can be improved.

In the Govt Job Posts websites’ menu, you find online quizzes. Here on this website, you will find all the features and you will get the same experience as if you are taking the real competitive exams.

How we made our online quiz

Our team interacted with one of the leading bank coaching center’s professors. There we found many useful and important tips for both the govt job and private job aspirants. Keeping all the valuable suggestions in view, we have added below features in our Online Quiz sections.

Personalized dashboard:

Track your performance for every quiz. We have a chart against your quizzes and peer performance. A very interesting feature, to track your performance and compare it with your peers. For instance, you plan to cover 5 topics in a week and took all the quizzes. KUDOS!!! But that is not all, know the overall score and analyze where you stand with your peers. This way you will know where exactly you need to put your efforts and strengthen yourself.  Take quiz -> analyze -> strengthen your areas -> REPEAT.


Online Quiz Dashboard


Your Path (Menu)

Your path is the name of the menu you see on the right side of our online quiz page. You might wonder why I started this as “Your Path”. Everything especially when we is aiming high and putting our 110% effort, there should be a strategical path. When you are aiming for govt jobs, this should be your ideal path.

Online Quiz Menu


Back to website: Know all the important notifications. You miss a notification, you missed an opportunity. You see back to the website as the first thing, where you can find all the latest government job posts notifications.

Online Tests: Go through the online test – take the test and keep learning. We have covered many different topics for you for free. Choose your topic and attempt the quiz as if you are trying on your official exam. Instructions, timer, review questions, and many more things are embedded in the online tests. We need you to take these online quizzes seriously and attempt with the same intensity as if these are your final tests.

Ask questions: You are not clear on the answer provided; you need more help to understand the concept. Just ask your question our expert panel will provide a detailed explanation to answer your query. If you do not get the quiz you are looking for, let us know. Our expert panel will make the quiz for you.

Online test history: View your history of online quizzes you attempted. You can see the number of attempts, date of attempt, your best score and solution report. Finally the Retake button. Retake the online quiz any number of times and beat your own record.

Profile: A simple page to update your email ID and mobile number if needed. We respect every user’s privacy and when you want to receive updates on new quizzes and blogs. We will send you all the updates.

Change Password: With all your performance information and many other details in here. You can change your password any number of times and keep it safe.

Latest Exams:

A dedicated section with all the list of new quizzes added for you. You ask we add. Our panel continuously works to bring new quizzes and new experiences to you every minute. As we cover the vast number of topics at various difficulty levels. We highly recommend you to take every quiz and gain basic knowledge.

Online Quiz Latest Exams


Top Rankers:

Your performance is rewarded. Our Top Rankers section is very dynamic. Top Rankers board motivates the aspirants to push themselves harder every time. Everyone will know your performance, your peers will recognize you and your efforts are showcased here. Try to challenge everyone and stay at the top of this chart.

How do you take an online quiz

Understand the concept thoroughly. Practice the given examples and make yourself comfortable with the exercise. The only key to success in competitive exams is to practice. When you are clear about the concept and the practice exercise. It’s time to test your knowledge at a bigger platform. Take online quizzes.

How to take an online quiz at Govt Job Posts:

Navigate to the online quiz section from the homepage. And select the online quiz. Here the thrill starts. Select any of your favorite quizzes from the online test section. Put your best efforts and answer all the questions and submit. After you submit the quiz, analyze your results with your peers. Learn from your mistakes and retake the online quizzes, till you become perfect and master the concept.

Features of Govt Job Posts online quizzes.

  • Personalized dashboard.
  • Peer analysis
  • Ranking board.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • Free Quizzes and many more.

What is on a general knowledge test?

A general knowledge test is a comprehensive test to test an individual’s awareness of various topics. General knowledge test mainly includes current affairs, history and sometimes basic mathematics, language and science questions. For competitive exam aspirants, it is highly recommended to take the daily general knowledge test. It has many advantages.

  • Get yourself familiar with online quizzes.
  • Quick knowledge check on Current affairs.
  • Exposure to the competition.

Online GK test with results

Take an online quiz which shows you the results immediately after submitting the quiz. This will help you to check knowledge, know the competition and more overseeing the results will motivate you. Keep motivated, in this highly fast-paced world. There is absolutely no time for distractions and de-motivations. Keep focused and motivated with all the energy pointed to achieve your dream. Our surveys made this point very clear to us, results. Everything you do is to achieve the results. Results are a must drive you in the right direction and keep you stay focused. Always make sure you take any online quiz that gives you detailed results and competitive exposure.

Online Quiz Performance


Stay up to date with our online Quizzes. Topic Wise online quizzes made by subject matter experts.

Visit our Online Quiz here and log in to start.

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