Are Stranger Chat websites really safe?

By: Admin | Posted on: Mar 25, 2020

Chatting with strangers became a new addiction these days. Not all stranger chat websites are good, in fact, many of them are following ethics. They track your IP address and save your chat history. Even some websites sell the data to make money. To all the users from govt job posts,  we came up with this list of stranger chat online advice and tips. With the growing interactions between strangers through different social media applications like Facebook, twitter and stranger chat websites. There is a definite need to follow some rules or advice.

Why do we need to follow precautions for stranger chat websites online?

The advice and tips are not just limited to stranger chat online. In fact for everyone who uses the internet needs to follow some precautions and advice. Specific to stranger chat online our team of experts formulated below utmost important advice and tips for its viewers.

  • Do not share your mobile number.
  • Do not share your location.
  • Do not engage in any deals.
  • Strictly confine to the general topics of conversation.

Now after these suggestions you might be thinking why we are giving this advice now?

Why this Online Stranger chat advice?

Our team members came across an incident on one of the social media platforms. There was a regular conversation happening for quite a long time. It was all normal until one day, this person A asked his mobile number and our team member shared this complete scenario with us. With our limited resources, we just ran a quick background check on that social media profile. Found that profile is fake and that person is maintaining 12 profiles with all different names and images.

If the mobile number is shared, we don't know what can happen. This is some scenario happened in the social media platform, which generally maintains stringent rules and takes a lot of precautions for the safety of users.  

When you come to random stranger chat websites, they do not have any precautionary measures for the users. They might be very vulnerable to hackers. With no cybersecurity and other firewalls in place, these are easy places for hackers to steal personal and confidential data from users.

So strong advice to all our viewers, to not fall prey for these stranger chat websites. We are not saying that all stranger chat websites are bad or poorly maintained. We are asking you to exercise caution and act vigilantly.  


Pros and cons of Stranger chat online websites

It is true, every application or device has its own pros and cons.  As a responsible ‘Govt Job Post website admin team we want our users to know what they are dealing with in real life. One can make most of anything only if they understand the application better. Especially the pros and cons of the application.

Our intention is to make people aware of what they are dealing with and how that can impact your life. Finally, even a stranger chat website also has pros and cons, it all depends on how we are using the application.

Pros of some chat websites

  • It is completely anonymous.
  • No login or registration.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Share your problems with strangers, with whom you will never chat again.
  • Share your deep-down thoughts without hurting or insulting anyone.
  • No one is going to judge you.

Cons of stranger online chat website

Until you do not share your mobile number or email ID or location. There are no cons with the random stranger websites. Do not get emotional while you are chatting with the stranger. When you become emotional there are high chances of other strangers taking that as an advantage. At any moment if you reveal your complete personal identity, that can be a big issue for you.

Tips for safe online stranger chat.

We all know everything has a limit. This applies to our stranger online website too. Why are we saying this? For sure even if it is a normal website or dating site; there is very little difference between a dating site and a stranger online chat site.

We don’t want anyone to reveal their personal identity. The whole idea of these stranger online chat website is to keep you moving in your life. In every individual's life, there is something that we cannot share with anyone. These stranger chat websites create an opportunity to share those secrets with random strangers. If you share your personal identity, you are making your life more complicated.

So we never share your personal identity with anyone.  What are we mean by personal identity? Below are the lists of details you are not supposed to share

  • Mobile number
  • Location
  • Bank details
  • Government ID numbers
  • Email IDs etc.

Will chat websites take responsibility?

They (most of the websites) say, “We are responsible for nothing”. True they are not going to take any responsibility for your stranger online chats.  Sometimes they even say, they won’t even store your chat histories. And you should enter as a stranger and leave as a stranger too. Their terms and conditions/privacy policy are another way to trap you. Before you start chatting in these stranger chat websites, read all the terms and conditions carefully. Please take care of yourself and act mature.

We strongly recommend our users to use this platform in the most appropriate way as designed for. Don’t get addict to these websites.

How to reach us?

Whenever you need any assistance with a stranger online chat from us. Just drop us an email to the cybercrime department. They will definitely help us. You can also reach the cybercrime department or reach the elderly and take their suggestions. Preventions are always the best. Don't fall prey to these chat websites. Ask your queries and take help from the right people.

  • Ask for any advice
  • Ask for tips
  • Literally ask anything you want to know from us. We are always here to help you at the best.

To conclude

Even after a lot many advice and tips from our side. There are always some mishaps happenings. Please take care of yourself and act mature enough. This stranger chat online website is intended for 18+ years of users. 13+ years of users should use this platform under paternal/guardians guidance. Beware of frauds and don’t share any of your personal identities with strangers at any cost. But remember if you need any assistance at any time; reach the government’s cyber crime department.

Please focus on the right things, utilize your time effectively to achieve your dreams and goals.

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