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Exams have an important role in the process of learning and the whole educational institution. Exams are a great way to assess student knowledge and learning concerning particular subjects. It shows in which field of learning the student have performed well and therefore, the strengths and weaknesses can be assessed. 


1. Exams evaluate the student’s skills and enable them to overcome problems

2. It is the efficient process of evaluating the knowledge and measures how much they have learned

3. It promotes competition among students and helps in developing one’s personality and development.

4. It plays a major role by providing necessary qualities such as hard work leadership, patience, and creativity.

5. Exams help to polish writing skills, improves memory power and analytical skills.

We prepare for exams since we enter school and it is an ongoing process. It continues until we land up somewhere good and build our career.

In light of this, various bank exams have played a crucial role in shaping the career of some students. Bank exams are lucrative and secure. Bank exams are highly coveted among youth and helps them in acquiring some good positions in reputed banks.




The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is a body that recruits officers and staff members of all the banks in the public sector except the State Bank of India. To clear the IBPS exams one has to qualify the Common Written Examination to be recruited as a Probationary Officer or Clerk in any of the 22 participating banks

Below is the list of entrance exams by IBPS

a.IBPS PO Examination

There are 3 phases to qualify the bank exams

✓ Phase 1- The Preliminary test (Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English language)

✓ Phase 2- The mains test (Reasoning and Computer aptitude, reasoning, English language, data analysis and interpretation, general, economic and banking awareness)

✓ Phase 3- Interview 

b.IBPS Clerical Examination

There are 2 phases to qualify the bank exams

✓ Phase 1- The Preliminary test (Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English language)

✓ Phase 2- The mains test (Reasoning and Computer aptitude, reasoning, English language, Quantitative aptitude, general, economic and banking awareness)

There is no interview in these entrance exams.

c.IBPS Specialists Examination

This entrance exam recruits IR officers, Law officers, HR officers, Agricultural Field officers, and Marketing officers.

There are 3 phases to qualify the bank exams

✓ Phase 1- The Preliminary test (Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English language)

✓ Phase 2- The mains test will test the candidate professional knowledge

✓ Phase 3- Interview.



The State Bank of India recruits its personnel and posts them across the country.

List of entrance exams by SBI

a.SBI PO Exam

This is one of the most challenging and toughest bank exams of India and requires lots of preparation properly in advance to get a good score in your exam.

These are the 3 phases to qualify the bank exams-

✓ Phase 1-Preliminary (Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language)

✓ Phase 2-The mains (Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, English Language, Data Analysis and Interpretation, General/Economic/Banking Awareness). The mains also accommodate a descriptive paper, a test of the English Language.

✓ Phase 3-Group Discussion and Interview

b.SBI Clerical Exam

This type of exam recruits people for the clerical posts.

These are the 2 phases to qualify the bank exams-

✓ Phase 1- Preliminary Exams (Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language)

✓ Phase 2-Mains (General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and Computer Aptitude, General/Financial Awareness) There is no interview conducted for this exam.

c.SBI Specialist Officers Exam

This test recruit’s assistant managers, engineers, analysts, architects, designers, developers, administrators, chartered accountants, tester, innovation specialists, and various other posts for its branches across the country.

It is a 2-part entrance exam.

For most of the positions, it is a 2-part entrance exam-

• Paper 1

• Paper 2 or Professional Knowledge

It also has a descriptive 3rd paper for the post of Economist. 


RBI conducts this exam to recruit its officers. They are some of the toughest entrance tests in the country

a.RBI Grade B Exam

These are the 3 phases to qualify the bank exams-

✓ Phase 1-Preliminary Exam (General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, General Awareness)

✓ Phase 2-Main Exam (Economics and Social Issues, English Writing Skills, Finance, and Management)

✓ Phase 3-Interview

b.IDBI Assistant Manager This type of Bank offers brilliant opportunities for a fine and distinguished career.

These are the 2 phases to qualify the bank exams-

• Online Test

• Interview

c.IDBI Executive Recruitment These are the 2 phases to qualify the bank exams

• Online Test

• Reasoning

• Quantitative aptitude

• English Language


Below are some of the study hacks or study tips that make exam preparation easier and more effective

1.SET STUDY GOALS- The foremost tips for exam preparation is creating a learning objective. Make an objective of studying at least 2 subjects and complete previous years' papers for a clear understanding.

2. CREATE A TIMETABLE- It is important to create a timetable and give oneself a realistic study schedule which gives equal time for every subject. The timetable should not conflict with other daily roles and responsibilities.

3. USE FLOWCHARTS AND DIAGRAMS- Visual ads can be very useful when revising the study material. At the start of any topic, write down everything about the subject. When the exam comes closer, transform the revision notes in a diagram. In that manner, the visual remembrance can aid in the readiness considerably when writing the exam.

4. ATTEND ALL CLASSES- Another important tip for exam preparation is attending regular classes. Its recommended to not skip classes. Also, attend each class with complete attention to the lecture and make notes of all the major points. This will make self-study and practicing past papers much easier for and effective.

5. READ OUT LOUD- Another important tip to consider to read the note loudly during self-study sessions. Research shows that this is a more effective way of learning as listening to your voice while you read will keep you focused and improve your memory power.

6. SOLVE PAST PAPERS- Solving past papers and checking your knowledge is one of the most useful tips for exam preparation. This gives a good idea of how much prepared you are and improve your writing skills.

7. LEARNING TECHNIQUES- Experimenting with different techniques such as teaching someone, watching informational videos, reading from textbooks, drawings diagrams, re-writing solved papers are various techniques to find what is best suited for you.

8. FOLLOW A HEALTHY DIET AND DRINK PLENTY OF WATER- A nutrient-rich and balanced diet like fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs will fuel the brain and helps to study and concentrate in a better way. It is also recommended to drink plenty of ways to stay hydrated during exam preparation. Also, adequate sleep refreshes the mind and boosts energy. 

Also, refer to the Byjus bank exam tips


Studying and learning is a part of the time, students need not strain themselves to study hard for good marks but make few adjustments like doing assignments, plan and time management, organizing skills, effective learning. Therefore, the aim of examination gives us a better learning experience towards the best possible assessment outcome. Practice the online exams for free with Govt JobPosts 

Do share these important exam tips with your near and dear. 


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