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Humans are social animals and thus it is as important for humans to socialize as, say, eat food, or drink water. As the pandemic continues to rage on, the lockdown continues to lengthen and so does our inability to socialize with people. As Plato once said, “Necessity is the Mother of All Inventions”, it is important for us to find ways to meet and socialize in these extraordinary conditions.

The best way to meet people from the comfort of our homes is the platform called Stranger Chats. It allows people from different parts of the world to connect with each other. Every single day, thousands of people make new friends by chatting on these platforms. These platforms have brought the world together and bridged the gaps that existed in the previous generations.

Malaysia, a country in South-East Asia, has a variety of ethnic and cultural groups which means it is a great place to start chatting with people and make new friends. The people here are well-mannered and friendly which 

Some platforms to connect with Malaysian strangers are –


What is Omegle?

Omegle is a great platform to connect with people on the Internet. One can choose the person he/she wants to chat with. These chats would be anonymous and the person can choose to stop chatting too.


How to use Omegle?

Now that we know how great a platform it is to meet new people, we must learn to start using it. The following are the to start chatting on Omegle –

  • Visit the Omegle homepage –

  • Choose the medium of chatting – Video or Text. Please read the guidelines and the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

  • Next, you can start chatting. Click “Stop” if you feel like discontinuing the chat.

What Languages to Use When Chatting with a Malaysian strangers?

Malaysia is the home to 137 different languages. The main languages people speak there are – Malay, Mandarin and, Tamil.


Omegle is a popular free online random chat room for Malaysia to talk with other Malaysia over text or video. Enjoy Omegle Malaysia  stranger chat - no login


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