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By: Admin | Posted on: May 14, 2021

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Chat with Australian strangers for free

As we studied in school, Australia is the only island country that is also a continent, it is  the smallest continent. It is famous for its aboriginal culture, The Great Barrier Reef and architecture. If you are interested in Australia and its culture, here is some good news for you. Now you can connect and even date with Australian people even while being at the comfort of your home, that too for free! 


What is their dating culture like?

  • The dating culture in Australia is pretty casual and laid back.
  • It is common to date more than one person initially, as they are getting to know various people.
  • You might end up doing couple-like things even before the relationship starts.


Tips to understand and communicate using Australian English 

  • Letters at the end of the words like super, dinner, after are changed and the words are pronounced as supah, aftah and sunnah, similarly, order becomes ordah.
  • Sometimes, the end of the words are skipped, like what becomes wha, meeting becomes meetin and trying becomes tryin.
  • Some commonly used words are – mate, which means friend and, crikey, which is used mostly used in exclamatory sentences.


What are the sites to connect with Australian people? 


What language to use while chatting? 

If you are afraid that you won’t be able to speak with foreigners because you are not comfortable in any language other than English. Here is good news for you! As many as eighty percent of them speak English, even though their accent is a bit different. You can chat with them using English. Other top languages that are used there are – Mandarin, Arabic and, Italian. 


Various modes of communication provided by online platforms – 

  • Text 
  • Video call
  • Voice call
  • Public chat rooms
  • Private chat rooms

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