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    Keerthi Rajagopal

    • Mar 28, 2020

    1.Pitch blend is the ore of (a)Thorium (b)Radium (c)Cobalt (d)Uranium ans:(d) 2.Unit of wavelength (a)light year (b)angstorm (c)knot (d)metre/sec ans: (b) 3. The Satellite Lauching Station of ISRO is located in (a)Thumba (b) Sriharikotta (c)Bangalore (d) Hyderabad ans:(b) 4.The device that changes Direct Current to Alternative Current is (a)rectifier (b)transistor (c)oscillator (d)amplifier ans: (c) 5. What is known as 'Muriatic Acid' (a) Perchloric Acid (b) Hydrofluoric Acid. (c)Hydrocholoric Acid ( d)Hydrobromic Acid ans: (c) 6.The headquarters of Indian Cancer Research Centre is at (a)Bangalore (b)Delhi (c)Pune (d) Mumbai ans: (d) 7.Part of a woman's corpse that decomposes at last (a)Uterus (b)Cervix (c) Fallopian Tube (d)Lobules ans: (a) 8. The scientific study of teeth (a) Odontology (b)Toothology (c)Ornithology (d)Osteology ans: (a) 9.The lens used to correct long sight (a)Spherical lens (b) Bi-concave lens (c)Cylindrical lens (d)Bi-convex lens ans: (d) 10.What is known as 'little silver' (a)Mercury (b)Pure silver (c)Platinum (d)Alloy of silver ans: (c)

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